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The Bible Message

What do Christadelphians believe? We base all of our beliefs on Bible teachings, often called “doctrines”. These doctrines are the same as those believed and taught by the first century disciples immediately after Jesus ascended into heaven.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of Bible teachings. It sets out only the basic points. We strongly recommend that you read the Bible for yourself, and see if you reach the same conclusions as we do.

Roll your mouse over each statement to find out where in the Bible it comes from.

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There is one God, the Father, who created and continues to sustain the entire universe. He dwells in heaven and is immortal, invisible and all powerful.

In the past, God made a series of promises to Adam and Eve, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David. It is around these promises that His plan for the Earth is based.

The Bible is the inspired word of God. It is God’s only message to mankind and all of it is relevant to us. It contains guidance on how we should live and how we can be a part of God’s purpose.

Jesus shared our human nature and was tempted to do wrong just like us, yet he never sinned. This made his sacrifice and his victory over sin and death meaningful.

Baptism is the act of being fully immersed in water as an outward sign of repentance. It is a symbolic association with Jesus’ death and resurrection. It is open to all, and by it our sins can be forgiven.

Sin is the act of breaking God’s commandments. It estranges us from God. The Bible teaches that death is the punishment for sin. All have sinned, and so everyone dies.

One day Jesus will return to the Earth to raise the dead, judge the world and set up the Kingdom of God. The faithful will be given everlasting life, but the unfaithful will die once again.

God is merciful and gracious, but also just and righteous. He has a plan and purpose for the Earth, which is to fill it with people who know Him, honour Him, and share His character.

The Holy Spirit is God’s power. By it He created the heavens and the earth, maintains all life, and caused the Bible to be written.

Jesus is the Son of God and the Son of Man. He is currently in heaven at the right hand of God, acting as our high priest and mediator, but will one day return to the Earth as King over God’s Kingdom.

Jesus’ entire life was dedicated to God, and he died to save us. Association with Jesus sacrifice is the only way in which we can be saved from sin and death. This is achieved through baptism.

After baptism, we must continue to follow Jesus’ example daily. We will often fail, but by God’s grace he can forgive us and count our faith as righteousness.

Death is a state of complete unconsciousness. Once you die, you cease to exist. Because sin leads to death, our only hope for life after death is that God will forgive us and grant us immortality in His Kingdom.

The Kingdom of God will last forever, and will replace all other kingdoms. It will fill the whole Earth, with Jerusalem as its capital. It will be a perfect time of everlasting righteousness, where all of today’s problems will disappear forever.