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Bible Talks

Our Bible Talks are held each week, God willing, starting at 2:30PM on the first Sunday of the month and 6:00PM on all other Sundays. All of our speakers are lay preachers and give up their own time to prepare and present these talks. This means you will hear a variety of people and styles.

All our speakers are, however, bound together by a common belief in the Bible message and the Gospel preached by Jesus and the Apostles in the First Century AD. These talks are all based on the Bible, as we believe that the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is God’s inspired message to mankind.

If you’d like to visit then please feel free to come along on any Sunday; you don’t need to bring anything and we’d love to see you.

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Start Time

4 Feb 18

The importance of the promises of God

2:30 PM

11 Feb 18

The gospel and atheism

6:00 PM

18 Feb 18

The Bible and politics

6:00 PM

25 Feb 18

He made the stars also

6:00 PM

4 Mar 18

Understanding miracles

2:30 PM

11 Mar 18

The Old Testament has not fallen out of my Bible

6:00 PM

18 Mar 18

The resurrection of Jesus Christ: a fact of history

6:00 PM

25 Mar 18

God is in control - the future is certain

6:00 PM

1 Apr 18

Whey are we here?

2:30 PM

8 Apr 18

The character of God

6:00 PM

15 Apr 18

What must I do to be saved?

6:00 PM

22 Apr 18

Why did Jesus have to die like that?

6:00 PM

29 Apr 18

The gospel needs creation

6:00 PM

6 May 18

Lessons from the days of Noah and Christ's return

2:30 PM

13 May 18

Tomorrow's Israel: a land of hope and glory

6:00 PM

20 May 18

What is the devil?

6:00 PM

27 May 18

The one true faith

6:00 PM

3 Jun 18

Baptism: essential for salvation

2:30 PM

10 Jun 18

Archaeology proves the Bible true

6:00 PM

17 Jun 18

What are you searching for?

6:00 PM

24 Jun 18

Is it enough to live a good life?

6:00 PM