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While our Bible-based beliefs are founded on the preaching of Jesus Christ and the Apostles that he appointed to spread the Gospel some 2000 years ago, the Christadelphian Faith became established in the UK between 1848 and 1870.  A doctor named John Thomas rediscovered what we believe to be the True Gospel of Christ by studying the Bible for himself.  As a result of three UK wide preaching tours during those years, several ecclesias [an assembly of baptised believers] were established in Scotland and England.  The name Christadelphian [Greek for Brethren in Christ] was adopted in 1865 so that the fellowship of believers had an identity recognised by the authorities.  John Thomas visited Sale and preached in Manchester in 1869 and 1870.

The first Christadelphian in Sale, William Birkenhead, was the eldest son of the Post Master.  William and his brother John were renowned fern growers and had a florists shop next to their father’s Post Office which was at 17 Washway Road (Now Reeds Rains the Estate Agents).  William, Margaret his wife to be, his brother John and a friend called William Carr, established Sale ecclesia in October 1868, meeting at first in the living room above the Post Office.

Although the original ecclesia never grew beyond 19 members, they worked tirelessly in Sale and the surrounding towns during the 1870s to establish other ecclesias and spread the Gospel message.  Lectures were held at several venues in Sale including the original Township School on School road and later the Assembly Rooms which were on Wharf Road: up to 120 members of the public regularly attended.  These meetings were often boisterous with local opposition to our non-Trinitarian beliefs - some opponents threw mud at the windows.

After a brief but very effective 10 years, the ecclesia at Sale disbanded with most members moving on to support the newly established ecclesias.  A few emigrated, which was common at the time, to escape the dire poverty in Britain.  Former members of Sale established new ecclesias almost wherever they went including: Belfast, Blackpool, Cardiff, Oldham, in the UK; Melbourne, Australia; Lowell Massachusetts and Providence Rhode Island, USA.  The other Manchester ecclesias then assumed responsibility for preaching work in the area including Sale and Altrincham.

Following a number of successful public lectures arranged by Christadelphians living in the Sale and Altrincham area however, a new ecclesia was established which from 1920 until 1932 met at The British Schools, Oxford Road, Altrincham (now demolished).

As most of the members lived in Sale or the surrounding area, they decided to move the ecclesia back to Sale in 1932, meeting in the Stanway Buildings, Ashfield Road, (Opposite the library) thus re-establishing a presence in Sale which has continued ever since.

The Stanway Buildings were requisitioned by the government for war work in 1941 and as a consequence the ecclesia moved to the Co-operative Hall, Sibson Road, (now demolished).  A Youth Group was established there offering a mix of Bible study and recreational activities for young people who were drawn from the families of members and from the surrounding community, particularly school friends.

In 1955 the ecclesia decided they needed their own hall and moved to our current location on Marsland Road, Sale.  A benefactor purchased the land for £250 and members raised the necessary funds of £2,750 to build the hall.  Aided by a friendly builder and many hours of faithful labour by the members, the new hall was constructed and fitted out in a record time of only 12 months.  

The hall was doubled in size in 1991 with the addition of a large school room at the rear, to accommodate the thriving Sunday School and Youth Clubs.

Today the congregation numbers approximately 120 including baptised members and their families.  The Youth Groups and Sunday School continue to thrive attracting children and young people from the neighbourhood, where families value the wholesome Bible teaching and enjoyable activities on offer in a safe, caring environment.  A warm welcome awaits visitors who wish to seek out the truth about God’s message of hope for the future.

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