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Sunday School

In the younger classes, the children learn Bible stories and engage in fun activities like craft and colouring. The slightly older children look at characters from the Bible in more depth, and consider the ways in which they can follow their examples in their own lives. The older classes study deeper Bible topics, such as the Law of Moses and Paul’s Letters.

The Discussion Group usually follow a different theme each year. In the past we have looked at the book of Revelation, practical Christian living, and the Pastoral Epistles. Thought-provoking and enjoyable discussion is had about God’s word with a plentiful supply of tea, coffee and biscuits at hand.

Aside from the usual lessons on a Sunday morning, we also organise a play, a party and an outing for the children and their families every year.

Every Sunday morning from 9:30AM until 10:30AM we hold our Sunday School for young people. We have several classes catering for children aged 3 - 16, and a Discussion Group for those of college age and over. Currently, about 40 children attend every week to learn about the Bible.

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