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The Bible

The Bible Message

Christadelphians base their beliefs solely on the Bible. But what does the Bible actually say? Find out what we believe and why by exploring the Bible message for yourself.

Why You Can Believe The Bible

The Bible is often accused of being inconsistent and inaccurate. But this is simply not true. Whether you look at archaeology, prophecy, ancient manuscripts, science or history, the Bible is proved time and again to be trustworthy - it is God’s message to mankind and you can believe it!

How To Understand The Bible

We believe that reading the Bible is the only way you can find out about God, His plan for the world, and how He wants us to live. But if you’ve never opened the Good Book before it can be difficult to know where to begin. Follow these tips to help you get to grips with understanding the Bible for yourself.

The Bible Message Why You Can Believe The Bible Toolbox for Understanding the Bible.pdf