Bible Class

Our weekly Bible Class is held each Tuesday evening from 8:00-9:00pm. We spend the time taking a more in depth look at specific subjects and the themes that run right throughout the Bible. It is aimed primarily at our own members but anyone is welcome to attend.

03-Jan-23Jacob’s prayer: Gen 32 v 9-12
10-Jan-23Modern day challenges: protest/politics
17-Jan-23Quarterly Business Meeting (members only)
24-Jan-231 Thessalonians: chapter 1
31-Jan-23Hannah’s prayer: 1 Sam 2 v 1-10
07-Feb-23At the judgement seat of Christ
14-Feb-231 Thessalonians: chapter 2
21-Feb-23The prophecy of Nahum
28-Feb-23David as a type of Christ
07-Mar-231 Thessalonians: chapter 3
14-Mar-23Question evening
21-Mar-23Ecclesial guide/organisation (joint class)
28-Mar-23Solomon’s prayer: 2 Chron 6 v 14-42 and 1 Kings 8 v 23-53
04-Apr-23Habakkuk: chapters 1 & 2
11-Apr-23Signs of the times
18-Apr-23Quarterly Business Meeting (members only)
25-Apr-23Jehoshaphat’s prayer: 2 Chron 20 v 6-12
02-May-23Habakkuk: chapter 3
09-May-23Ecclesial ballot / finance (joint class)
16-May-231 Thessalonians: chapter 5
23-May-23The iron that swam
30-May-23Hezekiah’s prayer: 2 Kings 19 v 15-19 and Isaiah 37 v 16-20
06-Jun-23Zephaniah: chapter 1
13-Jun-23Campaign activities
20-Jun-231 Thessalonians: chapter 4
27-Jun-23Daniel’s prayer: Dan 9 v 3-19
04-Jul-23Zephaniah: chapters 2 & 3
11-Jul-23Ezra and Nehemiah: the return and the law
18-Jul-23Quarterly Business Meeting (members only)
25-Jul-23Ezra’s prayer: 9 v 6-15
01-Aug-23Daily readings
08-Aug-23Daily readings
15-Aug-23Daily readings
22-Aug-23Daily readings
29-Aug-23Nehemiah’s prayer: Neh 1 v 5-11
05-Sep-232 Thessalonians: chapter 1
12-Sep-23Question evening
19-Sep-23Haggai: chapter 1
26-Sep-23Lord’s prayer: Matt 6 v 9-13 and Luke 11 v 2-4
03-Oct-23Speakers choice
10-Oct-232 Thessalonians: chapter 2
17-Oct-23Quarterly Business Meeting (members only)
24-Oct-23Modern day challenges: commitment/priorities
31-Oct-23Christ’s prayer: John 17
07-Nov-232 Thessalonians: chapter 3
14-Nov-23Haggai: chapter 2
21-Nov-23The generations of Adam
28-Nov-23Peter and John’s prayer: Acts 4 v 24-30
05-Dec-23Signs of the times
12-Dec-23Belshazzar’s feast
19-Dec-23Hebrews 1 & 2: so much better than the angels
26-Dec-23Daily readings