About Us

We are a group of Bible believers who regularly meet at our hall on Marsland Road in Sale. The name Christadelphian means “brothers and sisters in Christ” and we are part of a worldwide community of men and women who try to follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ.

We are united by a shared faith in the Bible, which we believe is the inspired word of God, and look forward to the return of Jesus when he will set up God’s kingdom here on earth. This kingdom will be a time of true peace, with no war or violence, no crime, no sickness or disease and where all that is wrong with the world at the moment will be put right.

We believe that God sent Jesus, his son, into the world to be both an example and a sacrifice for anyone who wants to be in His kingdom and who is willing to live their life by the standards set out in the Bible. A crucial part of this is baptism, which the Bible clearly teaches is full immersion in water and is essential for anyone wanting to accept God’s offer of salvation.

To see more details about our beliefs and where in the Bible they come from, please click here.

We are always happy to talk about our faith, what we believe and why we believe it, so please feel free to come along and spend some time with us around God’s word.

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