The Gospel Online

The Bible often mentions the gospel. It crops up many times throughout the New Testament and the word simply means “good news”.

So what is the good news that it speaks of? In a nutshell, the good news is that, although this world we live in is filled with problems, God has not forsaken it and he has planned a time in the future when Jesus Christ will set up a new world order (the Bible refers to this as the “kingdom of God”). This will be a time of true peace when all the world will know God and all the issues currently in the world will be removed forever…war, disease, famine, crime, worry, pain, etc.

Whilst that might sound too good to be true, the Bible is very clear on teaching that this is a real and genuine hope and that God will deliver what he has promised.

If you would like to know more, the Christadelphians regularly host presentations that cover this subject and look in a bit more detail at what God has promised and why everyone can share in it. These can all be accessed at: